Who we are. How we work.

SHEFA7 is about abundance and creating. We want to share our abundance of knowledge and skills to create quality, tailored and usable products that will help you grow and develop as a company, business or individual.


Founder, Creator of SHEFA7

Wanting to incorporate his ideals of a healthy, Torah based lifestyle, authentic living and creative expression into his work, Daniel founded SHEFA7.

A professional space where quality products are built around constant, succint and clear communication with you, the client, as well as between us, the team. Combined with exceptionally creative design and development, every completed project is a true reflection of this vision.

Peace of mind is key to a streamlined and prodcutive process. Here's a few core prinicples our process is built on, for every one of our clients, no exeptions.

IP ownership

Once we complete a project, it's all yours. Code, IP and all.


We love deadlines. We love sticking to them even more.


Confidential information is just that. Confidential.


Essential for quality product deveolpment, and most importantly, peace of mind.